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Meet The New Trains Of Our Homepage

by Brice Boulesteix, posted 13 May 2015 | One comment


We keep receiving great feedback about the trains we display on the home page of our website. They have been featured on various media websites in France including Capital and Le Figaro. But the time has come to make them evolve and add a few more trains. Do you know what’s cooler than two animated trains? Nine animated trains!

A big thank you to Enrico, our designer who made the illustrations below.

Meet the cast:


EurostarBuilt between 1992 and 1996, Eurostar’s fleet consists of 38 trains, designated Class 373 in the United Kingdom and TGV TMST in France. The units have also been branded as the Eurostar e300 by Eurostar since 2015.


ThalysThalys trains are operated by Thalys International, which capital is divided between SNCF (France) and SNCB (Belgium). The newest variant of their trains is the Thalys PBKA, which benefits from the motor technology of TGV Duplex sets, but without the bi-level carriages.

TGV Duplex

TGV DuplexIntroduced in 1995, the TGV Duplex is manufactured by Alstom, and operated by SNCF. It features bi-level carriages and a seating capacity up to 526 passengers.


TERThe TER (standing for Transport Express Régional) is the brand name used by the SNCF to denote rail service run by the regional councils of France. It began operating in 1984. Every day, over 800 000 passengers are carried on 5,700 TER-branded trains.


ICE DBThe ICE (for Intercity-Express) is the flagship train of Deutsche Bahn. Introduced in 2000, the ICE 3 variant is made by Bombardier and Siemens and has a maximum capacity of 460 passengers.


FrecciarossaThe Frecciarossa, or ETR 500, is a high-speed train introduced in 1993 and operated by Trenitalia. It speeds up to 185mph (300 km/h).


NTV ItaloThe Italo is operated by NTV. It is originally named AGV (for Automotrice à grande vitesse) and built by Alstom. The maximum commercial speed is 360 km/h.


RenfeThe AVE Class 100 of the Renfe is built by Alstom and was the first high-speed train put into service in Spain, back in 1992. Its maximum speed is 225mph (360 km/h).

Guest Star: TGV Atlantique

TGV AtlantiqueThis iconic TGV is the second generation of SNCF’s High Speed trains. Introduced in 1989 to serve the LGV Atlantique line, it was the first to wear the new “Atlantique” design (blue & gray) which replaced the original orange of the original TGV.

Discover The Unknown Benefits of Thalys TheCard

by Malin Schibler, posted 17 January 2014 | 5 comments


Created in 2009, Thalys TheCard is a free loyalty card which allows you to accumulate Miles. It offers many benefits for the occasional or frequent user of Thalys trains. As most travellers are still fairly unaware of it, we thought writing a small blog post about TheCard might be fairly useful.

TheCard Benefits

The complete list of the TheCard benefits can be found on the website of the Thalys loyalty program. These are our favourite benefits:

  1. Ticketless
  2. Flexibility
  3. Miles
  4. Info SMS
  5. Waiting lounges
  6. Partner offers and discounts

1. Ticketless

Thalys now offers you ‘Ticketless’ paperless tickets, which are essentially E-tickets. This means no more queuing at the station or dealing with lost tickets. The best way to benefit from Capitaine Train is to use your Thalys TheCard. Once you have booked and paid for your Thalys ticket, it is automatically stored on your TheCard. So you no longer have to print anything; it’s all organised for you. Simply present your Thalys TheCard on board and voilà! It will save you time and earn you Miles.

It is especially useful to have a TheCard if you need to purchase a ticket which must be picked up at a French SNCF station, and you happen to reside outside of France. For this reason, we always prefer our users to use a Thalys TheCard when booking outside of France.

2. Flexibility

Thalys TheCard now offers you plenty of flexibility with your tickets. Booked too early or too late? No worries! The Semi Flex and Flex fares will solve all of your problems:

  • Semi Flex: You can take a train directly after or before the one initially booked on the same day. Though you will not be guaranteed a seat.
  • Flex: You can take any train departing on the same day for the same route Though you will not be guaranteed a seat nor at-seat meal service.

3. Miles

For every euro spent, you’ll earn Miles. After you have completed ten trips in one year, you will start receiving twice as many Miles per trip. These Miles can be exchanged against Eurostar and Thalys tickets. Unfortunately you cannot yet exchange your Miles on our website. For this you will have to visit the Thalys website. You can also use the Miles to buy gifts from the Thalys online shop.

Level Trips per year Conversion Validity
Silver 1 – 9 €1 = 1 Mile 2 Years
Gold 10 – 27 €1 = 2 Miles 2 Years
Platinum 28 – 99 €1 = 2 Miles 2 Years
Platinum+ 100+ €1 = 2 Miles Unlimited

4. Info SMS

You’ll receive a short message one hour prior to departure, with your seat number and traffic information in case there are any disruptions. It’s super convenient!

5. Waiting Lounges

Arrived early at the station? Your Thalys TheCard gives you access to the Thalys lounge. You can find a lounge at the following stations:

  • Thalys Lounge Brussels Midi
  • Thalys Store&More at Cologne Station
  • Salon Grand Voyageur at Paris-Nord


6. Partner offers and discounts

Take advantage of exclusive discounts and rates with these partners and organisations:

  • Accor and Design Hotels
  • Business lounges
  • Taxis and Europcar car hire
  • Museums, Relay libraries, museums, exhibitions, concert and ski hire all over Europe

How to get a Thalys TheCard

TheCard is completely free and can be used for personal or business travel. To receive or use TheCard simply:

  1. Register and order on the Thalys TheCard site
  2. Add it to your passenger profile and continue purchasing tickets as usual.
  3. Use your email confirmation as a ticket during your first trip. After you have completed your first journey you will receive your Thalys TheCard by mail.