Opening of the 2015 European Summer Train Ticket Sales!

by Malin Schibler, posted 26 February 2015 | 34 comments


Ready, set, go!

Very soon you will be able to book your European trainΒ ticket tickets to your favourite holiday destinations.

As of the 17th of March, there will be a huge range of early-bird specials on train tickets. Fancy a trip to Barcelona in August? Or a visit to Zurich in July? Very soon you’ll be able to get your hands on super cheap tickets thanks to the extended booking horizon this summer.

So, what tickets are on offer?

The summer sales will affect all train tickets for trips between the 17th of March until the 30th of August 2015, for the following destinations and rail operators:

  • Renfe-SNCF: all destinations are covered, so this includes trains from Paris to Barcelona, Perpignan and Girona (just to name a few). Click here to view destinations.
  • TGV France-Italy: all destinations are covered except journeys between Paris and Milan (sales will open on 2nd of April). Click here to view destinations.
  • TGV Lyria: all destinations are covered, except journeys between Geneva – and the south of France (e.g. Marseille, Nice or Montpellier) as these tickets are already on sale. Click here to view destinations.
  • Deutsche Bahn-SNCF: all destinations are covered except Paris – Frankfurt and Paris – Stuttgart/Munich (sales will open on the 2nd of April). Click here to view destinations.

What if my tickets aren’t a part of this sale?

If your destination isn’t covered in this sale then luckily you won’t be missing out! There will be another round of summer sales which open on the 2nd of April.

This sale will include all routes within France (e.g. Paris to Normandy) and many international destinations such as northern France to Brussels or Paris to Luxembourg (just to name a few). As per usual, we will be communicating this through our newsletter before the sales open, so click here to sign up to make sure you can be the first to get your hands on these tickets.


train from Beziers to Zurich on 11th July 2015

by Margaretha Cooper, posted 15 March 2015 on 1:06. Reply #

Hey Margaretha, you can find trains for this route by searching on our website: πŸ™‚

by Malin, posted 20 March 2015 on 7:54. Reply #


I would have imagine the tickets from Barcelona to Paris for the 17th of Aug would be available, and they don’t seem to be?

Please advise.


by Pierre, posted 18 March 2015 on 11:02. Reply #

Hi Pierre!

Unfortunately RENFE-SNCF decided to alter their sales dates on the day that the sales opened (17th of March). So now they are only offering tickets up until the 5th of August πŸ™

So as you’ll be able to see, this article has been updated to reflect these changes πŸ™‚ However, if you also received our newsletter, then we’re really sorry to have misinformed you. RENFE-SNCF decided on this very last minute πŸ™

We are now awaiting some information from them about the tickets for dates after the 5th of August. As soon as we know a confirmed sales date, we’ll let you know!



by Malin, posted 20 March 2015 on 9:51. Reply #

Hi again Pierre!

We have good news, these tickets are now on sale and are ready to be booked by you πŸ™‚

by Malin, posted 30 March 2015 on 12:51. Reply #

I tried for Paris to Barcelona for 8th July but these weren’t available either. The only date I could find close to that was 4th July but I can’t travel on that day. Is 8th July excluded from the sale or should I wait and see what is released on 2nd April? Or should I just pay the full first class price?????

by Elizabeth Benstead, posted 19 March 2015 on 0:12. Reply #

Hey Elizabeth!

There should most certainly be first and second class tickets already available for Paris to Barcelona, on the 8th of July πŸ™‚ Just give it another try on our website:

Let us know if you experience any issues, by contacting us here:



by Malin, posted 23 March 2015 on 7:51. Reply #

Do I go from Bordeaux to Paris and then out to Reims I have to go on June 22 and dont want to get to Reims definately after 15.00

by Margot Rottem, posted 19 March 2015 on 7:42. Reply #

Hey Margot!

You will indeed have to go through Paris to get to Reims from Bordeaux. There are no direct trains and this is the only city that facilities connections between Bordeaux and Reims πŸ™‚



by Malin, posted 20 March 2015 on 8:00. Reply #

hi please help we are travelling from paris to mont saint michel then travel to bern or interlaken not wanting to travel back to paris.can you please suggest
alternative route.will be travelling in late august.

by franca, posted 29 March 2015 on 7:01. Reply #

Hey Franca!
If you’re wanting to not travel via Paris it’s going to be super difficult to find an alternative πŸ™

This is because to get to Switzerland, you will need to take a Lyria train which only serves certain destinations in France. Furthermore, almost every route does require a change in Paris as there are no direct trains between Mont St Michel and Lyon or Dijon (these cities are also served by Lyria). So I am afraid this might be close to impossible. I could only recommend having a look at a map to see whether you can book two separate tickets and somehow avoid Paris.

by Malin, posted 30 March 2015 on 12:50. Reply #

Can you confirm if fares from Paris to Barcelona will be on sale on 2nd April and if it will show the saving you will be making? Will I be able to book the tickets straight away.

Thank you

by Gen, posted 31 March 2015 on 20:09. Reply #

Hey Gen,

sorry for the late reply! These tickets went on sale a few days before the 2nd of April sales πŸ™‚



by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:32. Reply #

Do we know what time precisely the April 2 sale begins?

Many thanks!

by Marc, posted 1 April 2015 on 14:24. Reply #

I want to book tickets from London to Toulon in August – either via Lille or Marseilles but it says these are unavailable yet – despite the sale supposed to be starting today 2nd April. Please can you help?

by caron, posted 2 April 2015 on 5:44. Reply #

Hi Caron!

Unfortunately this was due to time difference. It looks like you were trying to book around 05:00 AM (Central European Time) so the tickets weren’t yet available as they are released around 06:00/07:00 AM instead πŸ™‚

The exact release times are never communicated but from previous years it’s generally around this time.

Kind regards,


by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:34. Reply #

Hi Caron, I’m having the same problem trying to book sleeper tickets for 23/30 August Paris to Nice. They are available for the days either side of the ones I actually want to travel on but not for those dates. I thought all August tickets were released today?

by Ruth, posted 2 April 2015 on 6:21. Reply #

Hey there Ruth,

unfortunately certain sleeper train tickets are often released much later than the day-time train tickets πŸ™ It’s also completely unpredictable and to be honest, a bit silly at times because it can make planning your trip a bit difficult.

The only advice we can give in this type of situation is to check every day or two to see if the tickets become available πŸ™‚



by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:49. Reply #

Hi, I just wanted to check if I’m able to book train tickets from Bruges to Aix-en-Provence for 29th June? It’s within the 3 month booking period. Thought maybe I would be able to book today.

by Natalie, posted 2 April 2015 on 9:09. Reply #

Hey Natalie,

you are indeed correct! You should be able to book this route as it is within the 3 month booking horizon.

Did it not work for you? If not, you can get in touch with us using the following link and we’ll gladly help you out:

Kind regards,


by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:46. Reply #

Hi, I am interested in taking the train from Madrid to Paris on July 4. What is the best route you suggest? I only see tickets available from Barcelona to Madrid and no options for tickets from Madrid to Barcelona. Also, are there sleeper options available for the evening of July 3? Thank you!

by melissa knight, posted 2 April 2015 on 16:58. Reply #

correction on last posy I only see available train tickets Barcelona to Paris…

by melissa knight, posted 2 April 2015 on 16:59. Reply #

Hey Melissa!

Unfortunately we can’t offer many connections between Barcelona and Madrid, as we don’t have access (yet) to RENFE’s reservation system. So these tickets have to be booked separately e.g. Paris – Barcelona through us and Barcelona – Madrid through RENFE.

And don’t worry, there certainly won’t be a price difference either πŸ™‚

Kind regards,


by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:38. Reply #

I am trying to book tickets from Brussels to Bruges for June 13, 2015, and your site says no trains available. I feel I am within the time period for booking and according to your site it does look like I can book that route through Captain Train. Can you help? Thanks.

by KAY, posted 7 April 2015 on 17:23. Reply #

Hey Kay!

You should indeed be able to book these tickets through our website πŸ™‚ I’ve just searched for them myself and was able to find many different routes.

However, I would also recommend checking directly on SNCB’s (the Belgian rail operator) website as they are able to offer even more tickets and better connections. Unfortunately we cannot yet sell SNCB tickets though are hoping to do this one day in the future πŸ™‚

You can find the SNCB website here:

Kind regards,


by Malin, posted 7 April 2015 on 19:42. Reply #

I am looking to book Milan to Paris for early October & I have been watching for trains on 31st August (to see when they are released): would you expect them to be released in a block (like those on 2nd April) or will they be back to daily? If they will be released in a block, would it be likely to include October?

by Jonathan, posted 26 April 2015 on 0:03. Reply #

Seems that I can now answer my own question (for anyone else looking); they have released 31/08 & 01/09 today – 4 months ahead. I will be monitoring closely.

by Jonathan, posted 1 May 2015 on 20:54. Reply #

Hey Jonathan! Sorry for the delayed reply. We usually deal with all customer inquires through FB/Twitter or here: πŸ™‚

You are indeed correct though! These tickets are released 4 months in advance. Though they are only released in ‘blocks’ during sales periods which are common in the European winter and summer.

by Malin, posted 6 May 2015 on 18:33. Reply #

Will there be lower prices for Paris-Barcelona routes for dates after August 8th released later?

by Don Mattes, posted 9 May 2015 on 0:43. Reply #

Hey Don!

The tickets for this route are already on sale and have been for a few weeks now. So I would recommend booking sooner rather than later, as the prices will continue to increase πŸ™‚

Unfortunately there will be no further sales for August coming up either.

Best wishes,


by Malin, posted 11 May 2015 on 12:55. Reply #

Hi, Trying to book the TGV for the middle of August but getting the pop up that they are not on sale yet. Is this the case or are they booked out? Thanks.

by Glenda, posted 4 June 2015 on 21:23. Reply #

Hey Glenda,

the tickets for August should most certainly be available πŸ™‚

Can you tell us what route you are wanting to book?

by Malin, posted 16 June 2015 on 9:00. Reply #

I am trying to buy tickets from paris to Interlaken Ost for Sept. 25, to travel during the daytime. I can get tickets from Paris to Basel, but Basel to Interlaken not for sale. When will I be able to purchase the second leg of the trip? Any suggestions? Thanks

by Penelope, posted 16 June 2015 on 3:02. Reply #

Hey Penelope,

Unfortunately we cannot sell any tickets between Basel and Interlaken. This is because SBB (the Swiss rail operator) does not have a reservation system accessible by third parties. So we cannot sell any tickets for SBB trains. Instead we offer tickets to and from Switzerland with SNCF, Lyria, Deutsche Bahn or Trenitalia. If you’d like to see a map of our network coverage, you can find it here:

To book the tickets from Basel to Interlaken, you can use or just purchase them at the station in Basel πŸ™‚

by Malin, posted 16 June 2015 on 8:59. Reply #

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