Become an Ambassador for Capitaine Train (Round Two!)

by Malin Schibler, posted 27 August 2014 | Add comment


Update: our discount vouchers for our Ambassadors are now valid for six months! So if you’ve invited a few friends, you can keep your voucher for longer.

We launched our Ambassador Program last December to honour the strength of word of mouth. We’ve always known that it is best if we just let our customers speak for themselves. That’s why today we have unveiled an even simpler and more generous program, which is going to give you and your friends more spending money!

€5 for your friends, €5 for you

We’re finished with giving you points and assigning levels. Instead you will be rewarded straight away once a friend travels with Capitaine Train.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your friends sign up with Capitaine Train, using your invitation code. Then they automatically receive a €5 discount towards their first train ticket purchase.
  • As soon as your friend has completed their first trip, you’ll also earn a €5 discount!

For now the program is only available on our website. Though in September it will also be available on our iOS and Android apps (which will also support payments with American Express).

What about points earned so far?

We certainly haven’t forgotten those who have participated in our previous Ambassador Program. To thank you for your support, we have converted all of your existing points in vouchers, using our exchange rate of 1 point = €5. These vouchers are already awaiting you in your cart.

I’m not from Europe so who do I invite?

Well this one is easy. You may not know anyone who needs to buy a train ticket straight away but surely you know a few people who are travelling in Europe within the next few months. If not, you can always share your code via Twitter or Facebook. This will surely help you increase your follower/friend count!

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