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by Malin Schibler, posted 21 May 2014 | Add comment

Bike train France

We believe that cycling is just a great as taking as taking the train. So we have now opened our doors to cyclists around the world and have combined the two best forms of transport.

Bike + train = ♥

For many years the cyclist community (both within and outside of France) have long struggled with the complicated process of organising and reserving a spot for their assembled bikes. Up until now, you first had to visit the train station to buy a ticket for yourself and your bike, as it wasn’t possible to it online or by phone. Clearly this wasn’t a fun time for cyclo-tourists who had to bet on the off chance that their train wasn’t already full.

Luckily cyclists can now move on from the dark ages and embrace the light! Capitaine Train is pleased to be the only online booking service which facilitates bike reservations.

Taking your bike on TGV and Intercité trains

Booking a space for your fully assembled bike (and a seat for yourself) can be done in less than three clicks. Plus, this feature is now also available with our iOS app and will be released for our Android app before the summer (that’s June/July for all of you Southern Hemisphere-ians).

A space for your bike will cost €10 and can be reserved for all trains which can facilitate bikes. This means they have to have a bike storage compartment.
Of course, if you can dismantle your bike then you can always just pop it into a bag and call it luggage!

The following train lines accommodate bikes and have (limited) space available:

Unfortunately, some TGV lines have no space to accommodate bikes (e.g. Sud-Est line from Paris to Lyon) and instead you would have to take an alternative route such as the TER train from Paris-Bercy to Lyon.

Reservations are compulsory if you do not have a folding bike. Unfortunately the bike spaces are fairly limited (only four spots available on each TGV) so as always, we advise that you book in advance (90 days or less).

Bike reservation train

Taking your bike on board a TER train

We do not sell or display any bike reservations for TER (regional) trains. This is because you can always take your bike, whether it’s a folding bike or not, on board a TER without any prior reservation or extra cost. This means it is completely free and all you need to do is buy a ticket for yourself. Though there are some TER trains which do carry time restrictions.

Taking a disassembled bike on board

If your bike is disassembled or you have a folding bike, then you are able to bring it on board with you free of charge on any trains within France. However, it must be in a bicycle bag.

For more information, please consult our help page.

To reserve a spot for yourself and your beloved bike, just click here to get started!

P.S If you are new to or want to know more about cycling in France and gain some insider tips, freewheelingfrance.com is a great place to start!

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