2014 SNCF Summer Sales Open On 3rd Of April

by Malin Schibler, posted 31 March 2014 | Add comment

Opening of the 2014 SNCF summer sales on 3 rd of April 2014

The summer sales of SNCF tickets for the holiday season will open on Thursday the 3rd of April. These tickets will be for trips between the 3rd of July and 24th of August.

We do keep repeating it but it is the absolute truth: to benefit from the best prices you have to book early. These tickets work on a first-come, first-served basis. The exact opening times have not been communicated but we do advise you to get up early (or stay up late depending on where you live) to buy the cheapest tickets. You have no reason to worry, if you book with us you’ll already be a step ahead. We can provide you with the fastest way (ever!) to buy tickets. Besides, I bet you’ve already registered all of your passengers on your account to book even faster.

Reminder events

As per usual, we’ve created a reminder event on Facebook as an alarm. We will also be tweeting to keep you up to date. As long as you are attending the Facebook event, we can keep you updated about the opening of the sales.
Click here to access the Facebook event

We’ll see you on Thursday. We’ll be holding down the fort until then.

Win Capitaine Train T-shirts by recommending us!

To celebrate the opening of the summer sales, we have organized a small competition in which you can win 20 Capitaine Train t-shirts. To participate, you all you need to do is let your family and friends know about the best time to purchase their tickets, this Thursday on Capitaine Train. Share your Ambassador link and send them a funny, compelling and brilliant message to encourage them to use Capitaine Train. 20 of the best ambassadors will be selected. 20 people will be drawn at random from all those who have sponsored at least one new user between the 1st and 6th of April (we count until midnight). And as always, you will earn points and your loved ones will receive €3 discount towards their first tickets.

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