Train Tickets From France to Spain Now Available

by Malin Schibler, posted 25 February 2014 | Add comment

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After a long waiting period, Capitaine Train can now finally sell train tickets from France to Spain (or from Spain to France) for dates later than March 30th. Our team was able to give out a big sigh of relief today, the tickets had just become available from SNCF.

What happened?

Well, the story goes like this: We had spent many weeks keeping our customers up to date on the ticket release hoping that everything would go seamlessly … Unfortunately it didn’t. Renfe (the Spanish rail carrier) and SNCF work in cooperation for this joint train line. As the trains are extremely popular, especially the Paris to Barcelona train, additional trains were being added. This meant that the fare release for tickets departing after March 30th would be indefinitely delayed. A few weeks ago, everyone heard rumours that finally (!) the tickets would be on sale on the 15th of February. We anxiously communicated to our customers that hopefully the 15th would be the date to buy tickets. Of course Murphy’s Law came into play and things didn’t go as planned. Right before the train tickets were due to become available, we found out that only Renfe would be releasing them. SNCF were due to release the tickets on the 25th of February instead.

But where are the train tickets?

As we don’t have access to Renfe’s reservation system, we were unable to sell the tickets. This was really hard for us. Not from a business point of view but because of our customers. We had all invested a lot of time telling everyone exactly what was going on and that we would be the first ones to let them know when they can buy their tickets. So it felt like we had made a promise that had to be delayed to deliver. Many customers were anxious to get their hands on the Paris to Barcelona tickets in April, so time was of the essence. It was a sad day in the office of Capitaine Train.

Loyalty can go a long way

We had to make sure that our customers knew why we couldn’t sell these tickets at that point in time, and instead would be available 10 days later. We didn’t want anyone to be confused or missing out on these tickets (even if they were being purchased elsewhere). Capitaine Train then realised just how many loyal and appreciative customers we truly have. Plenty of customers came back to us and said that they were happy to wait an extra few days because they only wanted to buy with us. They had received fantastic customer support, knew the prices would be the lowest available and wanted to be able to select their seats. It was an awesome experience being able to see just how dedicated our users are to us. For that we want to say a big, big THANK YOU!

Can I now buy train tickets?

Yes, you certainly can. All tickets from France to Spain and from Spain to France are now readily available on Capitaine Train and are waiting to be booked by you!

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