TGV Lyria Day Trip: Cheap Train Tickets from Paris to Geneva

by Malin Schibler, posted 03 March 2014 | One comment

Have you always wanted to visit Switzerland but have never really found the time? Well, this year there is a perfect opportunity to hop across the border and spend a day in Geneva. TGV Lyria has a great new day trip offer. The cheap train tickets from Paris to Geneva cost €49 in 2nd class seats. For those who prefer a bit of luxury, 1st class return tickets cost only €99. This offer will be valid until the end of the year, so if you aren’t planning on being in Paris for another few months, you can always buy your train tickets 90 days in advance and visit later a bit later on.

Cheap train tickets

So, how does it work?

If you aren’t one of us already, join the Capitaine Train community by signing up. Then, all you have to do is search for your tickets using our book and search engine. A few trains are available each day for the special day-trip price of €24.50 for a one-way ticket in 2nd class and €49.50 for a one-way ticket in 1st class. Though remember, a day trip means you also have to return on the same day. Our personal advice to you would be to book your outbound train from Paris early in the morning and your return train from Geneva later at night. This way you will get the most of what the city has to offer. Additionally, if you are travelling on the TGV Duplex, then we most certainly recommend reserving a seat on the upper deck. There are some spectacular views on this journey, and the 1st class Club Duo (face-to-face) seat is perfect for two passengers.

Cheap train tickets

Taking a train to Geneva

Your train will arrive in Geneva’s Cornavin station. There are up to 9 trains a day, running direct service from Geneva to Paris with a journey time of 3 hours. You can also take a direct train from Nice to Geneva in just 6 hours. Though unfortunately this route is not included in the discount day-trip fares. For those looking to travel to warmer pastures, Geneva is also the starting point for the night train service to Barcelona, which takes just about nine and a half hours.

I’ve arrived! Where to go?

Once you have arrived in Geneva, it is extremely easy to jump on a tram or a bus from the train station. Gare Cornavin is exceptionally well designed, not in terms of architecture but in terms of practicality instead. The city tram and bus routes converge at a terminal located directly outside the front doors of the station, making transition from train to public transit extremely easy. You will find an underground passage in the station’s basement-level shopping concourse, which connects to the south side of the busy main street, so you can avoid crossing busy roads. The passage also connects to a lovely, open-air pedestrian-only shopping street, leading down to the lake.

Cheap train tickets

What to do in Geneva?

Not only is Geneva the home to a huge range of international, namely diplomatic, institutions but it also houses CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. So if international relations and NGO’s are your thing, then Geneva is your city. You can take a tour of the Palace of Nations (the former United Nations headquarters). Just across the road, you will find the International Red Cross headquarters and its respective museum. You can also organise a tour of CERN, if you fancy yourself a bit of a science geek. The team at Capitaine Train would love get a glimpse of the LHC, so if you get a chance, we’d always like to see photos.
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Of course, Geneva does have plenty more to offer. It is a city known for its beautiful lake, Lac Léman, which is surrounded by Alps. At the lake, you’ll find Geneva’s most famous landmark, the Jet d’Eau. It is definitely worth a visit. Though, if you dislike getting wet, then you should probably know that the surrounding half-kilometre is soaked with water. However, the more adventurous might want to try the pathway leading right up to the Jet d’Eau; prepare to get enjoyably wet!

Cheap train tickets
Not to miss, is admiring the city’s historic architecture, especially the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre in the old town (in French: vieille ville).
Cheap train tickets

A great place to eat is in the ancient market town of Carouge. It was once the kingdom of Sardinia, so this district has maintained a distinct Latin charm with a great offering of restaurants.

cheap train tickets

Lastly, if you feel like stretching your legs before boarding your train back to Paris, have a look at this website for more information about the many parks in Geneva.


If you have any queries about these day trip fares (or about anything in general) you can of course get in touch with our support team. We will be glad to help!

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