2013 in Numbers

by Malin Schibler, posted 24 January 2014 | Add comment

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2013 was a great year for Capitaine Train. More users, train stations, carriers and of course, more love!

Thank you to everyone for this fantastic year. If 2014 continues in the same fashion, we’ll be happier than ever.

    • 21

      Countries served
      If we played Risk rather than selling train tickets, then Europe would be named the Capitaine Train Kingdom instead. The complete list of all the countries and stations we serve can be found here.

    • 345

      Loving tweets
      We are sure there are plenty of others, but we have counted our favourite tweets (they’re mostly in French). So if you would like to inform the English speaking world about Capitaine Train, follow us and tweet a declaration of love @captaintrain_en.

    • 2 550

      Mario Kart Wii Races
      Yes, that is a bit over 10 races per day (working days). If you don’t believe us, you should know that we have just unlocked Toadette (only the true gamers will understand).

    • 12 958

      Available train stations
      And we’re still counting. This year there should be plenty more stations to come. Here is some more information on the most recently added stations.

    • 15 247

      Times we helped our customers
      According to our stats, regardless of the time of day, we replied to our customers within 31 min and 13s.

    • 64 776

      Discount and loyalty cards added
      This is a little more than one card per 4 passengers. If you haven’t added your cards yet, you should really do so. It’s never too late.

    • 139 017

      Users as of 31/12/13
      Our train loving community keeps on growing! So keep on rockin’ in a free world.

    • 147 089

      Tickets sold
      If we were to line up all of our tickets, back to back, there would be nothing to see. Why? Because we mostly sell E-tickets!

    • 405 318

      Tickets pre-booked
      Giving you the convenience of pre-booking and putting your tickets on hold is easy. So easy that it’s completely automated.

    • 233 045

      Passengers created
      That’s about 1.6 passengers per person. Hopefully that doesn’t mean you’re travelling with only half a person …

    • 1 314 127

      Searches made
      That’s more than a third of the total amount of Google searches made globally … in 1998.

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