Capitaine Train Now Offers iDBUS Tickets

by Carl, posted 11 October 2013 | 7 comments


iDBUS for the budget conscious

You can now save yourself a lot of money by using iDBUS. It’s ideal for backpackers, students or anyone who loves travelling throughout Europe by bus.

We are proud to be able to offer a cheaper alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on train travel. iDBUS serves the following destinations: Aix-en-Provence, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Genoa, Lille, London, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Paris and Turin. iDBUS Map

If you’re now thinking of cheap or hippy-like busses from the 70’s, think again. iDBUS has an ultramodern fleet that offers very comfortable long haul journeys.

The buses are state of the art, with plenty of leg room and seating space; an 8 hour trip will seem like a breeze. Plus, you can enjoy plenty of freely available onboard amenities. This includes free WiFi during your entire trip and electrical powerpoint sockets at your seat. You’ll never have to worry about being out of touch or whether your smartphone, tablet or laptop are charged before your journey.

The best thing about iDBUS are the clearly fixed low prices; they don’t depend on when you book but rather when you want travel. So if you choose a smart date, you can travel from Lyon to Barcelona for just €19. You can also find excellent promotions such as Lille to Amsterdam for only €9! You can’t even visit the top of the Eiffel Tower for those prices.

What is unique about iDBUS tickets?

iDBUS has fairly specific ticket conditions, so it’s always good to be aware of these before booking:

  • iDBUS tickets are not refundable.
  • iDBUS tickets are exchangeable up to 12 hours prior to departure (€5 charge per passenger online or €10 per passenger by phone).
  • iDBUS tickets are only exchangable against another iDBUS ticket.
  • iDBUS tickets must be printed on A4 paper.
  • SNCF reductions and discounts do not apply to iDBUS tickets.
  • Your free wifi is always available regardless of the country you are in.

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London-Paris Can I travel with my dog occupying a second fully paid seat? As you k know Eurostar does not allow this.

by Patrick Early, posted 16 October 2013 on 14:40. Reply #

Hi Patrick!
It seems that iDBUS only allows guide dogs for the visually impaired. One has to contact customer services 48 hours before the journey to do so, which you can do here: In the case of a pet they don’t specify it. Perhaps it would be best to ask them directly.

by Carl, posted 16 October 2013 on 14:50. Reply #

Your buses sound a good deal. My problem (among many), but specifically geared towards bus travel is my height of around 1.95 and a consequentially need for plenty of leg room.

An 8/10 hour or even longer journey with leg room is easy, with no leg room it is pure torture.

Any chance of a guaranteed ‘long seat’?



by Trevor, posted 16 October 2013 on 16:34. Reply #

Hi Trevor!
I think the seats are all one size but you can have a very detailed look at them here (with video of the seat)
It says specifically that they have a minimum of 84 cm between each row of seats.
I hope this info helps.

by Carl, posted 16 October 2013 on 16:38. Reply #

Is there any chance of a stop off at Limoges?

by judy, posted 16 October 2013 on 20:36. Reply #

Hi Judy,
I am afraid that currently they don’t stop there.
In France iDBUS only serves Lyon, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Marseille and Lille.

by Carl, posted 17 October 2013 on 6:13. Reply #

Hi Carl! I can’t seem to book a ticket through the website (6 tries by now), but my card works just fine on other websites. What might be the problem? I’ve tried contacting them through emails but no replies yet 🙁

by Jill, posted 21 June 2014 on 9:30. Reply #

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