Ryder Cup Golf Matches land in France

by Betsy Autran, posted 08 August 2018 | Add comment

Are you a golf groupie? Well change your trajectory, a little birdie told us the Ryder Cup Golf Matches are coming from the greens of America to the fairway of France! Increase your carry and pack your carry-on, things tee off in Paris on September 25th, 2018 and will draw on ‘til September 30th, 2018.

Angle of attack

Ryder Cup Golf

Get tee to France!

The Ryder Cup golf matches are being held at the Albatros Course at Le Golf National this year, located in a suburb of Paris called Guyancourt. From Paris, you can take the metro and regional train system to Saint-Quentin en Yvelines (a close suburb). You can then putt on over to Le Golf National by bus, taxi, or Uber.

If you plan to come by train or fly to Paris, you can get into the city by public transport from CDG. Check out our FAQ page for info on that!

If you’re coming from the UK, we suggest swinging on the irons to Paris via Eurostar. It’ll get you there at a quick pace! Book your Eurostar tickets in advance on our website or mobile app and we’ll highlight the cheapest available fare so your wallet won’t end up in the rough.

Waggle around after the Ryder Cup


Run to Rennes.

If you’d like to extend your stay and get a touch of French culture, show off your short game and visit some nearby towns around Paris. Here are a few of our suggestions, all just a short train or bus ride from Paris:


You won’t want to whiff this event if you’re a true golf fan, it’ll be an experience on par with Jack Nicklaus making his back nine charge at the 1986 Masters.

That’s a rap!

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