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Travel throughout all of Austria by rail and road: tickets from the Austrian rail operator ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen/Austrian Federal Railways) are now on sale at Trainline!

Beautiful view of Salzburg skyline with Festung Hohensalzburg and river Salzach in winter, Salzburger Land, Austria.

Walking in a winter wonderland, Salzburg.

After adding WESTbahn to our network last year, our team doubled their efforts to bring you to Austria and beyond. By connecting to ÖBB, we now offer tickets for the City Airport Train which joins Vienna Airport to the centre of the Austrian capital. But why stop at Austrian rail? Pretty soon, we’ll also offer tickets for those famous international Nightjet trains you’ve heard so much about!

ÖBB tickets at Trainline

The Austrian railway company ÖBB has an extensive network that stretches over 4,826 kilometres. These trains glide through 246 tunnels and over 6,344 bridges and viaducts—imagine the views!


Vying for viaducts? Austria is a land of plenty.

The main route serviced by ÖBB is the Semmering line, which connects Vienna Central Station to the Alps. This journey offers plenty of incredible views. Considered the first “mountain line” ever built (between 1848 and 1854), the section between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our Austrian friends are not kidding around when it comes to traveling by train. You can now book this trip with us, and of course all other routes operated by ÖBB.

Smart ÖBB rates

The news gets better: we offer discounted rates and promotions direct from ÖBB. With Sparschiene tickets you can travel anywhere in Austria from €9 in second class or from €19 in first class. You can go beyond Austrian borders to cities like Prague with Sparschiene Europe fare, from €19 in second and €29 in first class.

Joining air to rail

View of Vienna from Saint Stephane's cathedral, Austria

What are you waiting for?

Fresh off your flight to Vienna Airport, you wonder how to get to Café Landtmann as quickly as possible to taste that famous Sachertorte you’ve heard so much about…

With the City Airport Train (CAT), the connection between Vienna Airport and Wien-Mitte station is 16 minutes without intermediate stops. A train leaves every 30 minutes and a one-way ticket costs only €11.

On board the CAT you can enjoy free WiFi! Brag to your family and friends that you’re fast on your way to dipping your face in that rich chocolate cake, or plan your next stop to another city in Austria (and book your ÖBB train tickets for example). Or simply relax and flip through newspapers and magazines available on board. Your 16 minutes of transit will be well-used.

Go in the dark of night

Much to the chagrin of train enthusiasts, rail companies across Europe have a tendency to suppress their night train offers in order to favour better daytime coverage. ÖBB is a rebel in this regard. Allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by the dependable click clack of rails passing beneath your bed, or if you’re too excited to sleep, watch the stations and landscapes slip away into the night. Pull the curtains back to a beautiful sunrise and adventures in a whole new city.

The Nightjet serves many destinations in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic. You’re truly spoiled for choice in terms of traveling after hours. Nightjet tickets are not yet available from us, but you should see them coming soon.

Gif of the Darjeeling limited film by Wes Anderson.

Kick off your shoes and relax in a night train.

The Sparschiene Nightjet fare is available from €29 for journeys from Munich to Rome via Villach, Bologna, and Florence. In other words, the perfect opportunity to lie down after a good beer and wake up with a strong espresso. Tickets on the Nightjet still include a default seat reservation, but you can opt for a more comfortable option by choosing a couchette in a sleeper carriage that includes breakfast.

As usual, the cheapest tickets are the ones that go the fastest. We advise you to plan your Nightjet journey as soon as sales open, 6 months before your intended departure.

Austria soon! 

As you may have guessed, we are pleased to offer ÖBB, Nightjet, and CAT tickets in Austria and elsewhere in Europe. And as the Austrians are great party-goers and drink an average of 109 litres of beer per year per person, we leave you with a “Prost!”

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