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by Betsy Autran, posted 04 January 2018 | One comment

Photo of Buildings and Streets of Prague, Czech Republic

Put Prague on your Czech list this year

Czech it out! We now sell tickets for the private carrier LEO Express, which operates trains and coaches all over the Czech Republic (also known as Czechia) and even to some destinations in neighbouring countries.

All aboard the LEO Express!

LEO Express is a young private company founded in 2010. The company launched its first train down a track that connects Prague to Ostrava in 2012. Now they operate trains from Prague to Košice in Slovakia and Leo Express also offers a fleet of coaches between many cities, including some beyond Czech borders.

LEO Express trains

LEO Express trains offer 3 classes, like many train carriers do today:

  • Economy Class, the equivalent to a classic second class. This includes WiFi, a movie and games portal, and on board cafe-restaurant.
  • Business Class, which includes food and a beverage in the ticket price, as well as a more comfortable and roomy interior.
  • Premium class, which includes fully reclining seats with built-in massagers, in-seat meal service, and access to a convenient parking space near the Prague train station.

For families, Leo Express trains also have a children’s compartment. Going by the official photo of their site, it looks like the ticket inspectors disguise themselves in an adorable mascot costume to visit kids in these happy compartments.

LEO Express coaches

Some coaches also offer two classes of comfort: Classic and Business. The differences between the two classes are more or less the same as on the trains: Business Class offers more space between each seat and a few other bonuses like: a sleep kit akin to what you’d receive from an airline and non-alcoholic beverages included in the ticket price.

Visit the Czech Republic on a tight budget

If Prague is the only city that comes to mind when you think of the Czech Republic, LEO Express will expand your horizons with inexpensive train and coach tickets to other cities throughout this beautiful country.

For the railway line, tickets between Prague and Olomouc start at only 5 Euro. A bargain for a travel time of 2 hours!

Old town of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, UNESCO World Culture Heritage site

The very charming town of Český Krumlov

Coaches offer a great sightseeing opportunity: the beautiful Pilsen (or Plzeň) is less than an hour and a half from Prague, with tickets that start at 2.70 Euro. The chance to save money on the ride to enjoy a local Pilsner fresh from the brewery is irresistible. You can also visit Český Krumlov and see a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Prague, LEO Express will take you there in less than three hours by coach, for only 7 Euro!

Praguebility is high this year

Today, LEO Express trains and coaches connect 81 cities in 8 different countries: in addition to the Czech Republic, you can travel to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine.

Map of LEO Express network

But wait, there’s Locomore!

You may have heard about Locomore, the German rail operator financed in part by crowdfunding that linked Berlin and Stuttgart for a while (via Hanover, Frankfurt, or Heidelberg). We admired the initiative and were fervent supporters of their beautiful orange carriages. We were saddened when we caught news of the company’s bankruptcy last May so it is with absolute pleasure that we welcome this new announcement: since August 24th 2017, traffic has resumed on this line following a partnership between LEO Express and Flixbus.

That’s not all: Locomore tickets are now available in Trainline’s search results!

We’re happy to offer you more options to travel between Berlin and Stuttgart: high-speed and regional trains operated by the German rail carrier Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus coaches, and now Locomore long-distance trains.

To a new year and furthering frontiers!

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