Looking back on 2017 at Trainline

by Betsy Autran, posted 26 December 2017 | Add comment


The holiday season is about many things: filling our gullets with as much pudding and pumpkin pie as possible of course, but it’s also about spending time with those we love and reminiscing about the good times we’ve shared together.

In January 2017 we made some special resolutions that we’ve successfully realised, and we’d like to celebrate a few of those victories with you. We’ve always had you in our hearts and in our minds while pursuing our greatest ambitions. Pull up a chair, let’s get cosy, roast some chestnuts over a warm fire, and reflect.

Staying young at heart

Between December 2016 and January 2017 we worked on a super secret mission to offer free youth tickets with TGVMax on the day of its official release, both on our website and mobile apps. This was a big achievement for us and a momentous opportunity for travellers between the ages of 16-27.

We have certainly made good use of it ourselves! Those in our offices who subscribed to TGVMax have toured hundreds of thousands of kilometres throughout the countryside of France, mainly on their way from Paris to sunnier climates (who can blame them?).


Taking it to the TGVMax.

Equality for all

After months of what seemed like showing a preference towards our Android users, we made it possible for iPhone and iPad users to access everything they need on the iOS app as well. We weren’t playing favourites, of course. Some trains just move a little faster than others.

We also launched a lite version of our mobile booking experience for those who lack space on their phones and can’t possibly erase those 375 photos of Conrad, their adorable British Shorthair mix.

Helping you stay one train ahead

Last July we were able to connect to APIs for delays and cancellations of French SNCF trains. It was also the perfect opportunity to build a tiny departures board of our own in the app to view SNCF trains in real time. We passed a lot of time watching trains come and go with you. 🍿

Fine-tuning our instrument

We adapted our specially designed product for enterprises—Trainline for Business—to better suit the needs of our professional train bookers.

Version 1.0 was already very affordable with all the bells and whistles included, but you’ll be happy to know that the newest version offers a free subscription as well. If you weren’t already aware that we offer a product for businesses, you have quite a gift awaiting you under the tree this holiday season.

To all of Europe and beyond

We have always stuck firmly to our goal of offering train tickets throughout all of Europe and then some… and then all.

Starting with tickets from the private Austrian carrier WESTbahn, we made our big breakthrough into Austrian territory this year. This really opened doors for us in the way of eating more strudel.

2017 was additionally the year of coaches (the ones on wheels). We started selling tickets for 45 new coach companies since January. Forty-five! Our developers specialising in coach travel have not been idling. Most coaches we offer are sailing smoothly around Spain, but the last few arrivals in our search results cover airport-to-city centre connections in Paris, Rome, as well as others.


Speaking the same language

Finally, we became polyglots this summer and translated our site and apps in 9 new languages, from Brazilian Portuguese to Mandarin Chinese. We also cashed in on the opportunity to display fares in 15 foreign currencies. Pretty practical if you’re curious about the price in Yen for your ticket to Zermatt this Christmas.


You’re Yen for a treat.

Wrapping it up

We hope that you enjoyed these gifts as much as we delighted in preparing them for you. We’ll see you in the year 2018. We will continue to set our sights high but our fares low, and we hope you’ll be a part of our continuing happy story. And by the way, we’d love to hear yours.

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