March 30th: Summer Sales Open for All Destinations in France!

by Malin Schibler, posted 24 March 2017 | Add comment

A TGV from Paris runs along the French Riviera, before its arrival in Nice.

A TGV from Paris runs along the French Riviera, before its arrival in Nice.

It’s time for the third and final round of SNCF summer sales! As of Thursday March 30th, you’ll be able to book your summer vacation train tickets for all destinations in France. This sale will be especially for departures from June 30th until August 27th and will include all TGV and Intercités train destinations. As per usual, the tickets go on sale in the early morning (French time), yet we cannot reveal exactly at which time. So we can only recommend to either set your alarm clock for an early wake up or stay up a bit longer than usual, depending on wherever in the world you may be booking from.

A short history of the summer sales

In the past few years, SNCF has released it’s summer sale tickets in two phases: first for the south of France and then later came the North. However, this year we have been pleasantly surprised by three sales rounds, which have been more-or-less equally divided by geographic regions. First came the Paris to Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region sale, then last week the sale for the west of France started and now finally the rest of France will also be covered!

A high speed train running over a viaduct alongside mediterranean coast.

Your holidays, from Lille to Montpellier

All of the destinations that were not covered in the previous sale will now be open for booking on Thursday March 30th. This includes all of the cities in the South, East and North that were not included in the first round of sales. Some examples include:

  • Southern France: Montpellier, Sète or Perpignan
  • Eastern France: Lyon, Grenoble and les Alpes, Dijon, Strasbourg.
  • Northern France: Lille

So luckily this time, no one is left out! However, we do have to remind you that the cheapest tickets do sell out quickly. So don’t wait too long before you book.

Summer in France in three parts

In order to give you a quick summary of the sales, here are the tickets that are already or soon will be available for booking:

  • On February 2nd, the tickets for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region went on sale for journeys as of the 2nd of July.
  • On the 15th of March, train tickets for the west of France (Brittany and the Atlantic Coast) became available. Due to the opening of the new high-speed lines to Bordeaux and Rennes on July 2nd, the journey time to western France will be considerably shortened, in some cases by almost an hour.
  • On March 30th, the rest of all of the TGV and Intercités destinations will also go on sale. So this one is quite easy! No need to look at a map in hour-long detail; this ticket sale includes all destinations in France.

If you were a bit late to the party and have realised your tickets are already on sale, it’s okay! Yet we must warn you: the likelihood of the cheapest tickets (called Prem’s) still being available is quite slim. So as always, we recommend to book sooner rather than later.

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