What to Expect in September

by Brice Boulesteix, posted 22 August 2016 | 8 comments

We wanted to give you some news and let you know what we’ve been up to in the months following the Trainline acquisition last March. In brief, the past five months have been five very good months for Captain Train: our sales have rocketed, our European network has expanded and the Trainline team has warmly welcomed us each time we’ve visited them in London—although the same can’t really be said about the weather.

What we’ve accomplished

In France

picture of captain train team in the metro In the Hexagon, we hung our posters up in the Parisian metro and train stations for a few weeks.  As you can see, we were pretty excited about that.

In Europe

map of spain with railway network In Europe, Spain has joined the list of countries where we sell all types of train tickets. Like France, Italy and Germany, our site and applications are now practical for every day living in Spain. Spain’s network is very similar to France since only one carrier operates the trains there: Renfe.

What remains to be done

Becoming Trainline

Since the takeover by Trainline, the Captain Train managers have been leading a double life and juggling two business cards at a time: some with the Captain Train logo, others with the Trainline logo. To lighten their pockets, as well as establish one single brand across Europe, we’ve decided to adopt the name Trainline. From September on, Captain Train will be known as Trainline. Our site and our application will change name and colour, but soon you will see that Captain Train is just getting a mint green paint job. We have no plans to move a single pixel, it’s just a simple coat of paint, so that the appearance of Trainline services are the same on both sides of the Channel.

Don’t lose touch

We are now part of the group Trainline, certainly, but our mission and our values have not changed. We will continue our efforts to become the favourite site of people throughout Europe who wish to purchase train tickets. Clearly, everything at the heart of Captain Train remains more relevant than ever with Trainline. Trainline wants to simplify ticket sales like us. They are eager to promote train travel and, like us, they want to conquer Europe—in the geographical sense, anyway.

Moving forward

A new chapter has opened for Captain Train. Trainline is now part of our daily life and we’re still doing what we always wanted to do: become the largest window to Europe. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, we’d like to hear them, so leave us a note below or send an email to realpeople@trainline.eu.


sounds like a takeover to me – to benefit the owners, I suppose. Shame, this is a great enthusiastic site. Ah well, thats corporate life these days I suppose.

by del styan, posted 23 August 2016 on 0:41. Reply #

As a regular Captain Train user, let’s hope the acquisition does not compromise ease of use or add costs i.e. no booking fees.

by ANUJ, posted 24 August 2016 on 7:45. Reply #

Thanks for your comment. We don’t plan to add booking fees in mainland Europe—it wouldn’t make any sense.

by Brice Boulesteix, posted 29 August 2016 on 8:12. Reply #

Ha ha do you really think an acquisition by the train line.com will really not lead to excess fees being charged. I stopped using trainline a long time ago due to these, I used them once recently and still try to avoid them. Train line has grown by buying companies better than themselves such as qjump whose search and booking software was so much better than trainline’s own. As it is with captaintrain, who brought even more. I think we can all interpret what has happened. Captaintrain was a fantastic name. And what is the new entity called, to whom captain train brought so much? Errrr.. Train line.

by Lady London, posted 25 August 2016 on 0:31. Reply #

I am sorry that you have been acquired – like previous comments, I like Captain Train because it doesn’t behave like UK online ticket sellers – expensive, difficult to navigate, and unreliable.
I only hope you wont be taking up their habits – i too stopped using Trainline a long time ago…impossible to find the right fare for the right journey at the best price. I hope your customer friendly efficient quick service rubs off on them….
good luck

by Jo, posted 26 August 2016 on 14:04. Reply #

Oh no! You’ve sold out. I hope like others they don’t impose the silly fees and touch the beautiful experience of booking.

by jamesy, posted 2 September 2016 on 12:35. Reply #

How will you transition from Captain Train to Trainline?
Many travelers are so used to your existing website. So what will happen when one does a search for Captaintrain?
I’ve not booked my tickets via your website but many prefer to do so because of its simplicity.
I do hope you keep your word & avoid adding booking fees!

by Priscilla, posted 3 September 2016 on 21:24. Reply #

I never use Trainline. I don’t like their site and their charges are the same as National Rail in the UK whenever I check. Captain Train was far better. It’s a shame.

by Steve, posted 5 September 2016 on 9:48. Reply #

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