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by Jean-Daniel Guyot, posted 15 March 2016 | 9 comments

blogpost_cttlAfter seven years of hard work, the project that started in my 12m2  apartment and is now Captain Train, has taken up an important place in the transport industry in Europe. It has been seven years of small lows and great highs, seven years of having fun getting up every morning to join a team of talented people who have a passion for simplifying your life, be it in with their code, their marketing campaigns or their answers to your questions.

The problem in this market is that goal we wish to achieve is gigantic and, in this context, any help is welcome. Trainline (which is like a Captain Train to our friends across the Channel), came to us last year and offered to join forces, and visions.

So, who is Trainline? Trainline, like Captain Train, an independent service to buy train tickets, located in the UK. Trainline launched  in 1997 by selling train tickets by phone (hence, the train line), independently of the many carriers active there, and today processes more than €2.1 billion worth of train tickets each year in the UK.

So we merged, because we believe that together our strengths will enable us to develop faster to provide a simple and inclusive product to everyone travelling by train in Europe. The Captain Train team will provide their expert knowledge of the rail industry in continental Europe, and Trainline will give their significant experience in a very competitive and strongly growing market. 

Does this mean that the Captain Train team will swap their baguettes for pints and move to London? Or worse, disappear? No. We will strive to create an unique product from our existing respective products, while remaining the same European company that we have always been. The new group will now have two offices, one in London and one in Paris. Both of these offices will continue to grow and develop.

Our ambition will remain the same. We want to provide everyone for everyone to all the trains and tickets in Europe, along with the all best prices, all available routes and itineraries and allow all rail operators to distribute their tickets effortlessly via a simple platform. So, we’ll be continuing on this track!


Train line charges booking fees. I hope you don’t follow their example.

by lou, posted 25 March 2016 on 9:34. Reply #

That’s a shame. Trainline is the last place to go to to buy train tickets in the UK. Here’s why:

by Luke, posted 25 March 2016 on 9:59. Reply #

While Trainline has improved in recent years, it’s still a fairly dismal experience and, while it also might have an office in London, it’s largely run from Indian call centres. It’s also part of the Branson empire. This is not good news.

by Iain, posted 25 March 2016 on 12:34. Reply #

I’ve been using and loving your brilliant service for a good few years now and I’m very concerned at this news. I think I know what it’s going to mean, sooner or later. Booking fees, use of cookies to bump up prices, etc. All the things I don’t want from other booking sites which is why I use this service. What a shame. Were you not making enough money and getting enough satisfaction from providing a great service without doing this?

by Naomi, posted 25 March 2016 on 13:58. Reply #

I and my wife have used Captain Train for vacation travel in southern France. Captain Train’s service was reliable and helped us enjoy our vacation with no problems.

May this reliable service continue with “the best prices.”

by Agha Ali Arkhan, posted 25 March 2016 on 17:00. Reply #

The Train Line is frankly a disaster. They are surely the worst ticket retailer in the UK, and their entire web presence is dismal. Captain Train surely has so much to lose in this merger.

by Geoff, posted 17 April 2016 on 10:39. Reply #

Great news and i’m pretty sure that this collaboration will improve your chanches in the European market 😉

You guys can be a serious competitor for GoEuro. Good luck!

by Kevin |, posted 20 June 2016 on 11:32. Reply #

Is there an affiliation program for train tickets?

by SoBus, posted 30 October 2018 on 22:44. Reply #

Do you have an API metasearch/booking for train tickets ?
Thank you

by Combigo, posted 20 December 2018 on 23:57. Reply #

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