SNCF Strike March 2016

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It has just been announced that there will be an SNCF strike, starting at 19:00 on Tuesday, the 8th of March and will continue until 08:00 on Thursday morning, the 10th of March. SNCF will be compensating strike affected travellers, by offering full refunds or the possibility to use the same ticket for another train.

To find out if your trip is affected by the strike and for more information on how to proceed, please have a look at the information we’ve provided below.

Domestic SNCF trains

To find out whether your train is running and which other services are available, you can use SNCF’s real-time traffic website:

If your train isn’t running, please have a look below to find out what options and alternative travel plans are available.

TGV trains: In general, 1 out of 3 trains are running.

Intercités trains: On average, 3 out of 10 services are operating.

Intercités de nuit (night) trains): SNCF has cancelled all night train services during the strike period. So there will be no sleeper trains operating during this time.

TER trains: On average, 1 out of every 3 trains will be are running.

Eurostar trains

Certain Eurostar trains have also been affected by the strike. Eurostar has contacted all of their impacted customers and has made some changes to their timetable for the 9th of March. All customers have been re-accommodated on to alternative trains. Please have a look at Eurostar’s traffic information page for a more detailed overview of the revised schedule.

Lyria Trains

SNCF has reported that 5 out of 10 trains are running. You can check whether your train will be running on SNCF’s real-time traffic website:

If your train isn’t running, please have a look: below to find out what options and alternative travel plans are available.


It has been announced that 1 out of every 2 RENFE-SNCF trains will be running. We advise that you check SNCF’s real-time traffic website to see if your train will be running.:

If your train isn’t running, please have a look below to find out what options and alternative travel plans are available.

Thalys trains

Traffic for all Thalys services have been reported as normal and on time. So far it looks like they will remain unaffected by the strike.

OUIGO trains

OUIGO has announced that 4 out of trains are still running. OUIGO will contact all customers directly that are affected and will inform you of an alternative timetable or possibilities for compensation. If you would like to check the status of your train, please have a look at

iDTGV trains

iDTGV has not yet announced an alternative timetable. iDTGV will be contacting any of their affected customers directly with more details about your compensation and travel options. If your train is affected then you can either be refunded with a voucher or directly to your payment card.

If you wish to receive a refund to your payment card instead of the voucher, you must inform iDTGV of this (by replying to their email).

 Compensation measures for affected travellers

All SNCF tickets with departures during the strike period (from 19:00 March 8th until 08:10 March 10th), can be used for any other train (travelling the same route) without any additional charge. However, a seat is not guaranteed and instead you will need to find your own.

TGV and Intercités tickets:

You can take any train (travelling the same route) between the 8th of March until midnight March 10th.

Intercités de nuit (SNCF night trains):

SNCF does not recommend taking another night train with your existing ticket. This is because there is a risk that you may not find a seat or couchette and risk having to stand. Instead they recommend to take a train during the day, at any time between the 8th and 10th of March.

How to receive a refund

If you are booked to travel during the strike period and you wish to cancel or postpone your trip, please contact Captain Train and we will of course arrange a refund promptly. Though please do not cancel the tickets yourself under any circumstance. It is very important that we make the cancellation as otherwise the refund may fail.

As a reminder, this includes all tickets with travel scheduled between 19:00 Tuesday March 8th and 08:00 Thursday, March 10th.

If you have booked an OUIGO or iDTGV ticket, we cannot refund you directly. Instead have a look at the relevant section above to find out how iDTGV or OUIGO will refund you.

How to exchange your tickets

If you are scheduled to travel during the strike and wish to exchange your tickets to postpone your travel, please contact us and we will arrange a complete refund of your tickets. Please do not exchange the tickets yourself under any circumstance. 

If you wish to exchange your tickets for another train during the strike period (i.e. from the 8th until 10th of March), please follow the instructions given in the section about compensation measures above.

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