A Look Back – 2015 in Numbers

by Malin Schibler, posted 19 January 2016 | 4 comments

infographic showing our growth from 2009 to 2016

The marketing department likes green graphs

We began selling train tickets online in 2011. On our first day, we managed to sell a total of 6. Today, we sell thousands daily. So it suffices to say that things have changed in the meantime.

This article will reflect on the past year of 2015; a year that faced us with some tragic realities as a Parisian company. Rather than withdraw and keep it to ourselves, we’ve decided to share our year in numbers with you.

On top of this, we’re now able to prove to our parents that we have a real job, which is why we might not call so often, but doesn’t mean that we love you any less, mum.

  • 2

    Trophies Collected

    One of which rewarded our collective talents in table football, which is a sport that conveniently lets us take up a position of defence without needing to break into a sweat.

  • 52

    Employees on board

    We’ve had many bright new faces join us on our quest for world domination. Equipped with WiFi and power sockets at every seat, our office might also have something to offer you, or someone you know.

  • 473

    Declarations of love on Twitter

    Your tweets have warmed our hearts and much, much more. You’re the reason why Captain Train keeps on growing. So we want to say a huge thank you for being such awesome customers and for helping us get this far.

  • 21 568

    Destinations Offered

    Every station in our booking engine was hand picked by Tristram, our very own data sommelier. As a company that firmly believes in open source data, we’ve tried to return the favour. So take a look at our stations data on Github.

  • 29 543

    Conversations with our customers

    More customers means more interactions. To continue to be there immediately if something goes wrong, our customer care team has expanded this year. As always, they’re waiting at their keyboards, ready to respond to your questions.

  • 1 330 534

    Captain Train Members

    2015 became the year of the million for us. We’re now only missing 3 out 8 Kardashians. If this were a population count, we’d be a bit smaller than Gabon and a bit larger than Estonia — which suits us just fine.

  • 10 116 132

    Ticket Searches

    The best holidays are the ones that you plan, which is apparently evidenced by your high volume of searches. Continue on like this, it keeps our servers fit and gives you the chance to combine a variety of (cheaper) international routes.

  • 610 483 350

    Kilometres Travelled*

    That’s the total distance covered by our customers in 2015. Which is just a bit more than two return trips to the sun.

*That’s 379336767.031 miles, dear Americans and Britons.

P.S. We really would like to thank you for using Captain Train in 2015! If you feel like it, you can send us an email, to with your postal address in France (sorry, we can’t ship internationally) and in several weeks you’ll receive a present. Only the postman will know your address, we’ll do nothing else with it. As our stock of presents isn’t infinite, we’re applying the scientifically proven theory of first come, first served. If you don’t receive anything, it sincerely does not mean we don’t love you. Promise. 4ever.


Congrats on your table football trophies and your helpful service. I blogged about Capitaine Train to my 9000 followers in early 2015—it’s been a relief to find a place where I can buy tickets in advance where my American credit card is not being rejected. Also, your customer service is top notch. Here’s the blog post, cheers to 2016! http://picnicatthecathedral.com/2015/01/27/youll-all-be-relieved-to-know-my-right-boob-did-not-set-off-the-metal-detector-at-airport-security-and-we-are-now-walking-around-the-pyrenees-chasing-st-james/

by The Wife of Bath, posted 26 January 2016 on 23:59. Reply #

Congratulations Captain Train
I hope that in time it will be possible to book and pay online for every rail network in Europe. If I want to buy a ticket from Cork to Chamonix or from Sofia to Southend , it is sites like yours that are setting the trend for future train travel.

by Liam Doyle, posted 27 January 2016 on 1:27. Reply #

Keep it simple. Hell fast, no spam, no ads, we love it!

by Jagaya, posted 27 January 2016 on 9:52. Reply #

Love this site, poised to book more tickets on the SNCF release tuesday, thanks to CT. 400k more to cycle from Burgundy to Basel.

by louise, posted 27 January 2016 on 10:14. Reply #

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