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There used to be two worlds. On one side, the normal world, you could enjoy and benefit from the best technologies and the best designs in daily life. One the other side, in the professional world, you were using a 7.5kg heavy laptop, a monitor the size of a small house and a phone limited to sending 160 character SMS messages.

The corporate world, which has long been known to be outdated and well, overly corporate, has changed recently. Smartphones are the default (yes, even you BlackBerry users belong to this category now), firewalls are a bit less inept and the words ‘Please think of the environment before printing this 18-page email’  have slowly started to disappear. Despite all of these mini-revolutions, we found that many companies were still lagging behind when it came to buying train tickets.

When we asked some of our customers about the general procedure of buying train tickets in their company, the answers were staggering: long and unnecessary email exchanges, endless fees and charges popping up, incomplete access to fares, no smartphone solution, labyrinth-like websites that require a serious mental workout and in short, a big waste of time and money.

For more than one year, we have worked a new tool that is specifically created to simplify the purchase of train tickets for businesses. We have taken the time to recognise and understand all of the problems and all of the frustrations experienced by freelancers, business travellers, entrepreneurs, assistants, travel managers and accountants to develop a product that closest meets their expectations.

We are glad to announce and offer our business customers an early bird version of Captain Train for Business.

What is it?

Captain Train for Business is now the first solution in Europe that provides a train ticket booking platform for companies on the web and mobile. What does this mean for your company? It means that you can:

  • benefit from centralised invoicing to simplify your bookkeeping,
  • share tickets between colleagues, without needing to use Outlook,
  • take advantage of the purchase and validation features on your phone.
    Yes, you read correctly. Even you corporate and business travellers now can enjoy using a 4.5 star rated app, which you can find in the App Store or on the Playstore.

It’s necessary to view Captain Train for Business like an augmented version of the regular Captain Train. It’s not missing anything that you already know or hold dear. You’ll still find all of the best fares, for all of the rail operators in our system without an exception. And in case something goes amiss, our support team will be by your side.

Test it liberally!

This is a beta version. So it will lack a few polished touches before we put it on the market. Though it is completely sufficient for you to use and for you to give us your initial remarks and feedback. The first customers of Captain Train for Business can enjoy free use of all of the features throughout the entire beta testing period.

What’s the price? We thought about this a lot. The most common model for business travel is that you are billed according to the volume of purchases made, or worse, whenever you make or change a booking, you pay a fee. Cancellation? Another fee. Exchange? Fee. We decided to move away from this billing model as it seemed too inadequate and too rigid. To make sure that your payment reflects your use-case, you can choose a billing rate that suits your business and depends on the number of people booking through Captain Train.

Captain Train for Business costs €9.00 per month for each active traveller (plus an annual fee of €5.00 per active traveller). For that price, you’ll be free to purchase, cancel or exchange as many tickets as you wish. And we promise that there will be absolutely no surprises at the end of the month. You’re free to create as many accounts as there are people in your company because we’ll only charge you per traveller.

Enjoy buying your tickets again

We are still working on a few features to improve Captain Train for Business: centralised payments, managing multiple accounts, travel policies… Overall, our goal is simple: you should find joy in booking train tickets for your company.
If you’re interested in enjoying a free Captain Train for Business beta version for your company, simply register on Captain Train for Business home page. We’ve worked very hard on this and really look forward to hearing from you!

February 2016 update: Captain Train for Business is now publicly available to any company which would like to subscribe. You can find more information on Captain Train for Business home page.

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